What is the Future of a System Administrator?
Author: iqrakhatri

On the off chance that you have ever thought to be a professional in information technology, a systems administrator would be an incredible place to start! Businesses and organizations of all sizes have a constant requirement for systems administrators. There will always be a demand for highly skilled and experienced systems administrators as the tasks they undertake require more skill than they are often given credit for. We are going to look today at an in-depth overview of precisely what is involved in becoming a System Administrator and what the future may hold if you do.

What does a System Administrator Actually do?

When it comes to the daily upkeep, management and configurations of computer systems in a business or organization, a system administrator will take care of all of this. This is inclusive of but not limited to, managing laptops and desktops, networks, servers and IT security systems. System administrators are also responsible for the determination of information technology policies in the business and also the purchasing of IT equipment. Below are some of the key tasks of a systems administrator.

  • Checking systems for issues, problems with service, and potential breaks
  • Answering requests for service fixes and tickets for problems
  • Updating status reports on issues and recording solutions
  • Monitoring environmental factors like temperature and humidity in the server room
  • Planning software updates, changes, and launches
  • Installing new tools and updates in hardware company-wide
  • Resetting the routers and computers to check their functionality
  • Educating employees on network security, safety, and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting bugs, network connections, and problems with technology
  • Helping new employees understand the software and checking to make sure they have everything they need

How to become a Systems Administrator

Like most careers within the information technology industry, a systems admin also has the requirement of specialist education. There are schools and colleges out there that offer specialist courses in network management, database administration skills and management of information systems.

Most people who are looking to obtain a career in system administration often study management information systems and network management. Salaries will always be higher for those that have more qualifications and especially those who go on to obtain a master’s degree.

Who Hires System Admins?

It used to be the case that system admins were only hired by more substantial corporations; this is fortunately no longer the case. Most businesses with any form of an information technology infrastructure will have a specific requirement for a system admin.

The one advantage of becoming a system admin is the availability of jobs. Freelance System administrators are not just required for mainstream businesses, and some of the best opportunities come from government agencies, colleges, schools and hospitals.

When it comes to levels of employability, system admins are right up there. As the need for IT staff has consistently increased over the past few years, so has the need for the system admins to work alongside them.

What can a Systems Administrator Earn?

When looking at what a system admin earns, it is actually somewhat surprising. The average salary for a systems admin with base-level experience is around $70,000 per year. The salary you make, however, is always going to depend on the size of your employer and your level of experience.

If as a systems administrator you are working for a major corporation and you have experience on top of a master’s degree, your earnings will be around $100k upwards. The beauty of this role is the ability for growth.

Most systems admins actually go on to bigger and better things. Generally, they end up as IT directors after around 7-10 years. Being a system administrator can really lead to amazing things in the industry.

How a Systems Administrator could Benefit a Business

In essence, the systems admin can actually bring balance and new organization to a business. The systems admin is something any and every business can benefit from. These beautiful people are the ones you call when something goes desperately wrong, and you need it sorting fast.

If the email or network goes down in a business, this can be absolutely fatal to your company and see you lose reputation and customers. This is why a systems administrator could be precisely what a business every business requires.

What is the Future?

Well, despite what you may read on the internet about automation and redundancy of the role, that is in fact nonsense. The role of the systems admin will always be relevant and vital. The systems admin is the glue that holds the information technology departments together.

Moving forward, most companies will actually find they have a need for such a role like this within their business. Should this arise, they could benefit from a hiring System Administrator and take advantage of the fieldengineer.com platform to Hire Freelance System Administrator anytime, anywhere from a pool of 40,000+ engineers in and around 180+ countries.